Is The Fedora-34 Template Considered Stable?

Found out yesterday that all my fedora-34 qubes are having weird 2-3% idle load. After digging deeper, turned out script qubes-set-monitor-layout was running endless loop because missing xrandr utility.

Which leads me to question: is fedora-34 template considered stable?

I’m asking this because I started to use the template somewhere in April, after it was announced available in the testing repo. I can see in this thread that xrandr was added (somehow?) on June, but it never came to my installation. So I was wondering is my template also broken in some other ways? Is there something that needs to be done in order to use production template instead of testing repo template?

Related question: is Fedora too fast for Qubes? I mean it won’t take too long for fedora-33 to go out, fedora-35 is already on the door. This is not critique towards Qubes, just a thought. The update cycle of Fedora is breathtakingly fast. IMO it’s too fast to run on iron, but mechanisms such as Qubes makes it tolerable.

afaik 34 isnt released, 33 is not EOL, but 32 is.

for updates always use the udater utility from dom0 which uses salt to apply all the changes templates go through.

as for the idle load, i have no idea my main template is debian. only sys-qubes run on fedora on my install and i didnt notice.

Well I just told you: because of missing package in the template.

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No, as you can see from this issue:

The testing repo is not the same as the stable repo. See here:

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Ok so does it mean that I need to re-install my template because it was installed from testing repo? Or does the template from testing repo eventually become the same as in stable repo?

Actually, I’m wondering the same with the OS itself - so if I now use 4.1 beta, does it transform itself eventually to stable?

Well, it depends on what you’re trying to do. There is no stable Fedora 34 template yet, so you cannot just install a Fedora 34 template from stable instead of testing. If you need Fedora 34 and Fedora 33 won’t do, then that limits your options. On the other hand, if you’d rather use a stable Fedora template, then you should probably install Fedora 33 from the stable repo instead.

I don’t really know how it works with templates or beta releases. However, it is possible with RCs (release candidates). Generally, once we get to a point when no major bugs are discovered in an RC, it’s declared the stable release. However, since betas come before RCs, I wouldn’t count on it in this case. My sense is that testers generally just follow whatever testing guidance is given and probably just do clean reinstallations. @marmarek would be able to provide more info about this than I can.

Ok. On one of my machines, I’m using fedora-34 for everything, in fact, I removed fedora-33 templates completely because I thought it will be soon dead anyways (I guess that will happen around December). So was just wondering what happens to these templates once fedora-34 template is released officially. Do they stop receiving updates? Well, I guess I’ll find out by then.

Stable Templates are annouced on the Website, and forum news section:

There is a also a warning that you should switch and alot of documentation how to do so.

And EOL is also annunced.

please dont panik. :wink:

You can read about Fedora’s release life cycle here:

As this page states, “Release X is supported until one month (4 weeks) after the release of Release X+2.” So, Fedora 33 will be supported until one month after Fedora 35 is released. Based on this schedule, it looks like they’re currently expecting Fedora 33 to go EOL on 2021-11-16 (likely subject to change).

Thanks, @ymy, for pointing out the announcements. :slight_smile: