Is qubes updater fixed?

No need for long commands in the terminal anymore?

Assuming you are referring to this issue:

The instructions for the workaround were reverted in this commit:

You can see the before and after comparison of the documentation in the commit.

At the current time, I am only using the Qubes Update tool to update Qubes OS and the templates.

For some additional discussion, see this thread.

Thank you

Why only the “update tool”? I am using the CLI equivalent commands of this. Is this wrong to do?

To clarify, I intended to convey that I feel my system is up to date after a single step: running the Qubes Update tool. At the current time, I no longer feel the need to perform the actions that were removed from the documentation in addition to the Qubes Update tool.

The documentation suggests you can use the command line. Within the linked section you can click on update.qubes-dom0 and update.qubes-vm despite them not appearing as links.

However, I have no knowledge if this produces the same effect as the Qubes Update tool.

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