Is Optane supported?

The Dell Precision 7730 I acquired a couple months ago was great with Qubes, but work got in the way so it’s running Ubuntu now, just until I can round up a Precision 7740 for Linux duties.

I’m adding ram and an additional NVMe storage module to the machine and I keep looking at the cheap as dirt Intel Optane modules. There are 16GB modules for $15 and 32GB are only a little bit more.

The Google results for this are terrible, it’s all confused people trying to dual boot Windows, and YouTube is full of fanbois who are very excited about it, but none of them are very clear as to WHY they’re excited, and they don’t get down to the point of detailing if Linux will benefit from it.

Does anyone have Optane working with Qubes?

Yes, I know it’s pointless in a machine with four NVMe slots that will only ever have flash storage. I’m interested in this because maybe I will put Optane in a rack mount some day, this is for my edification.