Is it worth it to have 32gb ram with 2 core 4 thread CPU

I want to swith to qubes on my laptop, a Dell Latitude 7480 :
-CPU: i7-7600U
-RAM : 8gb (for now this is going to change)
-Graphics : Intel® HD Graphics 620

I am going to add 1 or 2 Ram Sticks of 16gb DDR4 2133MHz.

But i wonder if it worth the extra cost of 60$ to have 32gb instead of 16gb with a CPU like mine.

Thank for your respond and help!

32 GB is not a must-have, but it is very nice to have.

It’s not your CPU that limits the amount of qubes you can start, it’s the mount of free memory you have. Having 32 GB allows you to use qubes more freely, with a lot less worries about if you have enough memory.


Thanks a lot for your response !
I will go for 32gb.

It really depends on how how many guest qubes you’ll be running in parallel and how much RAM each one has been assigned. dom0 ought not require much RAM at all, 1G is likely overkill.

If leveraging Qubes for a daily driver for the sake of compartmentalization/somewhat pseudo security & only using a few qubes simultaneously, 16GB RAM could totally be enough for you.

If leveraging Qubes for Dev/DevOps/Edge Cloud purposes (building/launching networks as opposed to single systems) and/or enjoy windows VMs, 32+GB would likely make the experience much more enjoyable.

If you’ve two slots and currently have a single 8GB stick, definitely do not buy a single additional stick of 8GB (unless you can do so a block away from your house and for the price of a stick of gum); add an additional single 16GB and, see how far that gets you. Later, you can swap out the old 8GB stick for 16GB should you require.

Ok, i’ll definitely go with 32gb.
Can’t wait to switch to qubes.

Thanks for your crazy fast help !