Is it safe to use untrusted (modified /apk) apps on Standalone Android-x86

  • I want to use apk apps on standalone android-x86 … the apps might be unsafe …

  • Can I use this on my standalone without harm my system

  • And what about using these modified apps on Anbox .

What is the safest way ? :pensive:

Hi @Bop667 welcome to the Qubes OS Forum.

The idea of Qubes OS is compartmentalization, which means each qube is isolated from all other qubes. This is also true for standalone qubes. They work very much like other VMs that you are used to. You can think of it as kind of an isolated computer.

A malicious APK could wreck havoc within the standalone qube and/or exfiltrate information that is stored within the standalone qube via the internet. But unless such APK is aware that it is running within a XEN domain and happens to have a virtualization escape 0-day … it’s trapped inside the standalone.

So you are likely safe going this route.

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