Is it safe to use a template with configured Nordvpn

Hello, I am new to this forum and to qubes os. I am not a complete noob with Linux, I use it often. But the qubes os is a whole another level. System is genius , well done Devs. It is a bit complicated, but I want to learn the system and use it as my daily driver.

So after endless configurations i can’t seem to connect my nordvpn account to qtunnels. I followed instructions from GitHub but get errors…
So I was tampering with templates…

I created a new “vpn” template and temporarily gave it internet acces via whonix.
Then i installed and set up Nordvpn to autostart, all via terminal, following instructions on their site.

After that i removed internet access to “vpn” template

So then I created a new vpn-cube with my “VPN” template, net cube is sys-firewall.

Now my vpn-cube network traffic goes through VPN.
All seems fine to the new guy :smile:

My worries are that the VPN is before my firewall instead of being after.

Is this the correct order
Is this secure at all
Am I missing anything

Thanks in advance

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Nice, good luck on that journey. We all have been there.

Welcome to the forum!

That is the correct order. Usually your Firewall is the outmost networking layer, if you do not have some fancy stuff like IDS or something.

However i want to add, that using VPN + Tor (whonix) generally is a bad idea

Thanks, happy to be here.

I am not using VPN+TOR
I have connected my new “VPN” template to whonix to make necessary installation of nordvpn. Now it is offline.

My qube template is “vpn”
My qube Net-qube is sys-firewall

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