Is it right to update Qubes Templates using terminal command "sudo apt full-upgrade"?

It says here that it’s dangarous to use direct update commands in terminal. I always thought it was only about dom0 terminal and sudo apt update / sudo apt full-upgrade can be safely used in terminals of Templates to update them instead of using built-in tool. I always did so because terminal provides more information and you can see the whole proccess. But now, when I’m reading these lines again, I ask myself: what if there was meant not only the dom0 terminal, but all terminals in general? What is the right answer?

Using the build-in update tool always is the savest method for all qubes! There are included special salt commands which doing the updates in a more saver way.
I don’t have special interest in looking for more information, as long as the updates run well. And yes, after updates failed several time, I also did the terminal updates for a special qube to look more into it…

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I gave link exactly on this article, and yes, I have read it already many times. But is it just about dom0 terminal or about all the terminals? And by the way, if command update.qubes-dom0 worked once, now it doesn’t work. How many times have I not entered that command in dom0 terminal, there was always a message that such a command was not found.

It applies to VMs as well. This is why the notice mentions apt as well as dnf, even though dom0 is Fedora (hence does not use apt). And why update.qubes-vm exists.

The update.qubes-* command are not terminal commands. They are salt commands. On that page, the commands are links which take you to a page that talks about salt commands if you want to read up on it. Otherwise, the GUI updater will do “the right thing” unless you have gone out of your way to create a peculiar setup.