Is it possible to set apperance settings systemwide?

I am usually using app vms based on fedora38 xfce. Is it possible to set systemwide appearance settings as I set in Systems Tools->System Manager->Apperance->Style in the main menu? Or should I make this setting in the fedora38 xfce template? I would like to achieve systemwide change of the style/theme instead of doing it for every App Vm individually.

Short answer: no.
Longer answer:

If by this you mean the dom0 Appearance menu, then that’s only for dom0 (which includes how window borders of all VMs look, because dom0 is in charge of that).
If by this you mean an AppVM’s Appearance menu, then obviously that’s only for that AppVM; if it wasn’t, there’d be a significant security issue.

Your best bet IMHO is to find settings that work well for you and that you can set via the command line. Then do the following:

  1. Start all qubes in which the setting(s) should be applied (and shutdown all others)
  2. Open a dom0 terminal and run:
qvm-run --all -- $YOUR_CMD

Where $YOUR_CMD is the command(s) that make the changes you want. I’d recommend testing this out first on a single, preferably disposable, qube (replace --all in that case with the qube’s name).

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This would be a very cool panel in “Qubes Global Settings” or as a tab in “Qubes Manager”.