Is it possible to restore debian-11 into debian-12 and fedora-36 into fedora-37?

I am using Qubes version 4.1 and I want to upgrade to 4.2. Because of that, I am still using debian-11 and fedora-36, and both are outdated. The normal process of upgrading is giving me errors, so I will need to make a clean installation of version 4.2. Is it possible to then restore my debian-11 and fedora-36 templates into the debian-12 and fedora-37 templates?

No, it’s not possible to “merge” them. You need to manually move your files and install the necessary programs into them.

What is the error you get during the template upgrade and what commands did you use?

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You should be able to upgrade your templates to newer versions by entering respective commands in them, e.g. apt dist-upgrade.

There’s a bit more to it than that. It’s recommended to follow the documentation:

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