Is it possible to mass copy files from one qube to others without copying to dom0?

If I want to copy a file from dom0 to every template, I can:
qvm-copy-to-vm debian-10 /home/user/qubes_syslog.conf
qvm-run debian-10 “sudo mv /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/qubes_syslog.conf /etc/rsyslog.d/”
qvm-copy-to-vm debian-11 /home/user/qubes_syslog.conf
qvm-run debian-11 “sudo mv /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/qubes_syslog.conf /etc/rsyslog.d/”
(then fedora-32 and on doing it for each template, iterating through all the templates).

However, if the file is in a qube instead of dom0, I was wondering if there was a equally convenient way to copy it from one qube to all templates without copying it to dom0.

Maybe you could insert a thumb drive, copy the files to it and then assign the drive to each template one by one.

you could use qvm-copy / qvm-move from vm.

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if the file is located in fileqube:Documents/qubes_syslog.conf, you can run this in dom0:

qvm-run -p fileqube 'cat ~/Documents/qubes_syslog.conf' | qvm-run -p -u root debian11 'cat > /etc/rsyslog.d/qubes_syslog.cnf'

This way you don’t need to give qubes.VMShell privileges on debian11 to fileqube.

It also works in GUI with a right click in Nautilus. You can copy/move whole folders, too.

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I was hoping to avoid having to scroll though the huge list of qubes for each template