Is it possible to develop/compile OpenGL 3D application in Qubes OS?

I am currently trying to evaluate OpenGL in qubes.

For testing purposes I picked this project:

Is it possible to compile and run this in qubes? I currently get errors during cmake and I can’t get it to work? But I am not completly sure if its a missing package or if its qubes not able to handle something like this.

Much appreciated for any help!

you can compile, but running depend on how heavy the app, most of the time it very slow

what error?

Sorry I probably should have added this earlier :slight_smile:
(I could add the logs as well if needed)

it missing xinerama and idk how to install it

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Oh I was so confused about the “-lpthreads” part that I missed the xinerama line.

I installed it with:

sudo yum -y install libXinerama-devel

and afterwards I also had to install:

sudo yum -y install libXcursor-devel

Now it executed fine. The “game” ran with 7 fps but that was never my concern :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the quick replies.