Is it possible to automate build system for Archlinux and Gentoo instead rebuilding it manually from scratch?

Every time new issues with versions of xorg, python or pulseaudio affect my preconfigured AppVM’s based on Archlinux , so it’s hard to work stable. I need to use qubes builder and build it from scratch.
Gentoo is seems better. But templates not fresh in repo. For example, 3-6 months without updates = thousand broken dependencies. Perl, xorg etc.


I need to use qubes builder and build it from scratch

You don’t have to replace the template every time. Before the builder creates the template it obviously builds all the Qubes OS related packages. You can locate them and use them to update your existing template. I did when I used Ubuntu templates.

Or you could simple use the repository provided by @unman: Index of /arch

I suppose there is a good reason you want to use Arch – right? Otherwise, I’d strongly recommend just switching to Debian.

@sven @unman
It’s totally broken.