Is it ok to decrease memory of sys-firewall?

Hello again,

sys-net and sys-usb have 400 MB of max memory and sys-firewall has 4000 MB.

Is it ok to set sys-firewall’s max memory to 400 MB or do it need 4000 MB ?

Thank you.


Don’t know how low you can set sys-firewall, but I think 400 MB should be fine.

My sys-firewall is using 200 MB, but it also has 600 MB cached.

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Absolutely as, the 4000 MB RAM is an artifact likely from using the full template.

For performance sake, I’ve found that rebuilding all of the service qubes from minimal templates improves efficiency.


Thank you all for your answer :+1:


Or you can use Mirage-firewall and save even more RAM.


And don’t forget to update to the latest version Security Advisory: Mirage-firewall 0.8.4 released :slight_smile:

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Just remember that you’ll need sys-firewall as the downloader for dom0 updates (unless you make other changes), so don’t remove it if you utilize mirage.


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thanks for all your reply. I will stay simple with the official firewall for now. When I will be more at ease to use qubes os perhaps I will try mirage-firewall.

Thank you all.