Is it normal when I restart qubesOS it gets stuck on black screen, should this rise a concern on the integrity of my OS?

I tried to reinstall the OS multiple times like 3 times with different USB and slightly different methods like legacy vs uefi etc.

Doesn’t change the same thing from happening. I click restart and it logs me off goes to the encryption enter page with no option to do, loading bar fills up for a bit then my PC goes to a black screen and gets stuck. I just use shutdown for this reason but

Should this be a concern? I am worried now that my qubes is faulty or partially broken and will compromise my security and privacy. What do you guys think and advice?

You can check the log with sudo journalctl in dom0 terminal and try to search for some errors or timeouts in the shutdown process.

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Me and dozens of people have their black screen on restart (be it after install or running qubes), and if you do got stuck or black screen when restarting, just force turn off you laptop (hold down power button) it wiill be fine. for future usage, do shutdown.