Is it normal for downloads to be slow?

In my experience in the years I have been using qubes-os, downloades from the official website seems to be quite slow, with the download speed slowly rising up to a peak of around 300 to 400KB/s (bytes per second) and then suddenly dropping back to speeds as low as 150KB/s or so and once again slowly ramping up again. At this rate it takes quite a long time to download files from the official website.
Is this normal? My connection speed is not the issue as I can download at much higher rates from other websites.

Recognised the same. For me it looks like it depends on the time (over a day). Not sure though, but sometimes I get a quick download at night (or early morning) and sometimes the download stuck and trying to get the part(s) from mirror sources (again and again).
It’s an server problem in my eyes (busy), not an issue of someones connection.

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Thank you for your feedback. My main concern was that it could be something wrong with my particular installation of Dom0 or some regular glitch / hiccup with qrexec or what ever process is responsible for transporting the data between Dom0 and sys-firewall.
If it is common experience then I am not so concerned … :wink: :smiley: or … maybe I should be. :smiley:
Hopefully it is just a server resource issue, in which case maybe we could make use of a mirror site or two. Not that I know anything about setting that up.

Yesterday i was building qubes iso using http protocol and it failed because operation too slow,
I don’t know but since long ago, repo update with http is always slow for me (debian, kali, qubes, etc). (well maybe because i use same isp from year to year, biggest isp in my country i think and every office is using this isp).

Try using https protocol maybe it helps, ( i know that’s not make sense, but i live with it )