Is it desirable to connect to Youtube with the template default-dvm?

I am using DisposableVM, which was created using Default-dvm as a template, to do internet etc., but when I started DisposableVM after logging in to Youtube using Default-dvm as the template before, I was able to watch Youtube while logged in. The user was able to watch Youtube while still logged in.

Also, the Default-dvm template is different from the other templates in that it allows internet access by default, so I am thinking that it would be OK to just log in with this template and let DisposableVM take over this, From a security point of view, is this a relatively safe measure when weighing convenience and security?

Unfortunately this doesn’t work reliably. A website could even perceive it as a signal that your account has been attacked (and Google is prone to locking accounts for inscrutable reasons anyway):

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Oh, that’s right. I shouldn’t use it if it might be perceived as an attack on my account. I’ll just import the bookmarks and password manager lists to the template side, Youtube is also a pain to have to do Google’s two-step verification to log in every time, but I don’t have a choice.