Is HP Workstation Z420 a good machine for qubes?

HP Workstation Z420 (Xeon Hexa Core E5-1650/128 GB RAM/Quadro 2000 / 500GB SSD + 750 GB HDD) - professionell aufbereitet (Generalüberholt)

I will run this as my daily driver?


But seriously, a very nice machine.

Depending on how many VMs and templates you want, it’s possible that 1.2TB might not be enough. But that’s just my opinion. It might be enough for you :slight_smile:

It should be able to handle the CPU, RAM and the disk space workload that qubes os requires.

However, I don’t think you will be able to get rid of Intel ME for such a machine by installing Coreboot. Thus, there might be the slight chance that the Intel ME can still spy on your activities, even though you are using qubes.

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There is a positive HCL report for this machine, but using a different Xeon CPU. Chances are very good this machine will work well for you, but there is no guarantee until you tried it.

If you do, please submit a HCL report. :wink:

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