Is file server self-hosting possible on Qube?

I searched to this forum and github, but found guide is only five years ago.
This guide is on Qubes os v4.1, so it is useless.

Google drive is great threat of privacy, so I definitely don’t want to use.
But I must share files with others on cloud in my use case.
So I hope want to self-hosting Nextcloud as file server on one of my Qube connecting to web.
So I need to method of server self-hosting on Qubes os, but this method is not exist anywhere (on after v4.2).

Is server self-host possible?
Concept of Qubes os is separation of multi VM, so I am expecting to possibility this.
If it is possible, please teach me this method!

This is possible, but because it involves sharing with others outside your network, you will need to port forward a port from your router for it to work properly. This means that you will have to expose your external IP address to the people you want to share your files with.
The setup requires a good understanding of nftables, how to persist the rules and how to install and maintain nextcloud, which can be difficult for someone not familiar with how all this works.
You can use something like Proton Drive to get a little more privacy (if you trust Proton with your files and how they handle the encryption part, of course.)

Hello @scales, can you share that guide? Maybe we can workarround some poc.

The other one of protondrive is good too or with encripted backup.

I have fuzzy idea, it is to use multi sys-firewall.
For example using Onionshare on Whonix, Whonix wiki recommends copy Whonix-gateway and change of copied it setting, as exclusive Onionshare.
If I self-host file server on Qube, other share file user must be able to access only my self-hosting Qube, if they can other my online Qube, my security and privacy is very danger.
So I think in the some way, use multi sys-firewall, one is work normally, other one permission port forward only my Nextcloud Qube.
This is my idea:

Normally online Qube > ( sys-vpn > ) Default sys-firewall > sys-net
Whonix-workstation > sys-whonix > Default sys-firewall > sys-net
My file server Qube > sys-vpn (It need to hide my true IP) > exclusive sys-firewall > sys-net

But not just file server, hosting other all types of servers on Qubes os method are not exist anywhere.
Server hosting on Qubes os guide is not exist anywhere, so I don’t understand to be able to hosting server on Qubes os.

If it is impossible, or my plan is danger of my security and privacy, I use Proton drive, Proton is better than Google.

I found guide is only it.

This method is on v4.1, and last update is two years ago, so I think useless it.

If I use, but share file with other is not much worry privacy than me, so he or she don’t surely full use of encript…
My other idea of to use Protondrive or, I make exclusive Qube, and Onionshare or Syncthing run on it, we share files through it.

i think it helps you Firewall | Qubes OS