Is default disposable template the same as default-dvm?

I have been trying for hours to understand how default-dvm works. Unfortunately, there are many entries that are outdated and I am more confused now than when I started my search.
In the documentation it says under How to use disposables / Security.

“If a disposable template becomes compromised, then any disposable based on that disposable template could be compromised. In particular, the default disposable template is important because it is used by the “Open in disposable” feature. This means that it will have access to everything that you open with this feature. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you base the default disposable template on a trusted template.”

Is default-dvm in Qube Manager the default disposable template mentioned above in the text? sys-firewall and sys-usb are made from this template? In the Manager under Default DispVM all Qubes (except Whonix) are default(default-dvm). This is also the case for dom0. Can someone please explain this to me, I can’t get any further on my own.

Yes, by default. The default disposable template is set in Qubes Global Config → General Settings tab → Default disposable template.

Yes, by default.

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Thank you very much.

But I don’t understand what about default(default-dvm). I can’t imagine every Qube is made of default-dvm.

If you open any qubes Settings → Advanced tab you’ll see “Default disposable template” option there.
This option can set which disposable template will be used when you’ll use “Open in disposable” feature inside this qube. You can have multiple disposable templates in your system and set different disposable template for different qubes. But there is also a special value “default”, that is referring to the value that you’ve set in Qubes Global Config → General Settings tab → Default disposable template.
So “default(default-dvm)” means that “Default disposable template” set in Qubes Global Config will be used for this qube.
If you change Qubes Global Config → General Settings tab → Default disposable template to some other disposable template instead of default-dvm then the new one will be used by all qubes that have their “Default disposable template” set to “default”.

Now I understand it. So much time spent on it, but it’s actually so easy.

Thank you very much, you mde my evening!

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