Is 4.2 technically released/ready!? :D

There are presently no issues listed, and the tracker is showing “100% complete.” I am so excited… I’m ready to hit that sudo qubes-dom0-update -y qubes-dist-upgrade :smile:

I’m on a hype-train of 1 person :smiley:

Where my qubeheads @!?

Don’t forget to make backups :+1:


Did you try it? How did it work out?

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Qubes 4.2 was tagged for release 3 hours ago:

Announcement post is waiting here too:

Many users are running Qubes 4.2, including myself, and the experience is good.


The new menu system in particular is a lot nicer to navigate.

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Yup, been running 4.2 for weeks, no problems here.

Might do a fresh install, just to test the latest installer, but upgrade worked fine too. Running on the latest NovaCustom NV41 laptop (url).

I’m running 4.2 RC5 in an old (7- 8years ) HP-Pav.5, this is my tester.
4.2 is really nice, seems to be faster, and quitter in that old machine 16GB ram.

After the official release I’ll do a clean installation on my work machine.
Great work guys

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VM startup is definitely a lot faster on Q4.2 as RAM scrubbing now balloons on demand rather than being completed before boot finishes.

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I had a big work project last Friday, so I did not perform the upgrade until today. It went mostly smooth! There was one Standalone Windows VM that I had to exclude from the pre and post boot processes, and then there was a single jammy template from @unman (THANK YOU SO MUCH :slight_smile:) from here: Index of /Templates_4.1, that I didn’t really trust to make the switch, so I Ctrl+c through it’s update/upgrade when it hung too long. The AppVM that it’s based on still works great, and I have several manual menu entries, so those are also working just fine.

Overal 10/10 for the upgrade process :smiley:
GREAT JOB QUBES TEAM; thank you for all you do!

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Good news …
…but when I do: sudo qubes-dom0-update -y qubes-dist-upgrade
I get: ‘unable to find a match: qubes-dist-upgrade’
I am running rc5 (which is excellent) - is that why I get that message?

If you’re on 4.2rc5 then you simply continue with normal updates as before. The upgrade feature is for those upgrading from 4.1.

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Thanks, I wondered about that, but am still a novice with Qubes.
I am running with KDE and am very pleased with both stability and use-ability.

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