IpV6 shows in Tor Browser

Started latest OS, which I spent much of yesterday waiting for it to update. Ran Update until it would not show it had an Update.

I have read that IpV6 being available allows ones location to be possibly identified.

This morning I started Disposable Whonix16-DVM on T430, as purchased refurbished.

At first screen I added to address bar, what is my ip. Chose whatismyipaddress.com. Which shows an Ipv6 address, and an IpV4 address in Italy, many countries away. Perhaps the IpV6 is from the Tor Exit Node.

I now see I am supposed to run updates again.

Wireless Connection this morning is by HotSpot on my phone, which is AT&T cellular service.

If you want me to test again. Just tell me what you want.

First thing, this is not a QubesOS related issue, nor Whonix, as there is nothing wrong happening, but if you had to open this issue, would be on the whonix forum.

Source? No basis on that and also it was the relay ipv6. The ipv6 format may contain some geolocation, but the ipv6 that you saw was your exit node, not yours.

There is no problem of being an ipv6, it was highly not your ip what was shown.