Invisible internal Disks? Dell Precision 5540 Install issues

Hello all. New qubes user. Previously installed 4.0 on a lenovo with no problems.
Have a Dell Precision 5540 core i7-9850 Bios rolled back to 1.8.1.
4.1 Installer boots up without issue, but will not recognise any internal drive to install. Put my NVMe in external case and it showed up fine and installed.
I have tried putting the drive back internally, but Qubes fails to boot correctly. Is there a bios setting I should modify that im missing?

Maybe in the first install, nvme it’s not correctly set up?
try to boot into qubes os rescue, press 3 to skip to shell and run lsblk, is your nvme listed ?
and run efibootmgr -v are there any uefi entry pointing to your nvme ?

after running lsblk the internal nvme is not listed.
when I ran the efibootmgr I put the original NVME inside and it listed that one which had windows installed.

I believe that you haven’t correctly set up the nvme, when your storage is not detected by lsblk, it’s mean it’s not there.

when you run efibootmgr, it’s only show the uefi entry listed in NVRAM, there’s nothing releated to storage thing, except the command issued by the uefi entry.

after fiddling with Bios settings I sucessfully installed R4.1. On an internal disk.

I am interested in what you did to successfully install. I have a 5530 that installs, but on the first boot will not continue.

Ran the above commands and here are the disks. One is the NVMe and one is the USB installer.

well thats interesting because after I had it working for a bit it, then it started randomly crashing. Not sure why. So I deleted and started over, but now I cannot get to install for life of me. Think I might just have to move to a lenovo :(. Its a fast maching though.