Introducing swap-sys

By default, the Qubes installation media only supports creating the core sys-* qubes derived from “full” Templates. :woozy_face:

For many users choosing Qubes OS for it’s security & privacy efforts …

Here is a simple bash solution:


  1. Create TemplateVM + AppVM (Template for disposable) for each sys-* qubes
  2. Shutdown sys-* qubes
  3. Backup existing sys-* qubes
  4. Remove existing sys-* qubes
  5. Salt new sys-* qubes based on desired TemplateVM

Note about driver selection:

For sys-net, be sure to replace firmware-iwlwifi in the script with appropriate drivers for system used.


IMO, “rebuilding” a Qubes install with only dom0 + a single functional TemplateVM ought be within any Qubes operator’s abilities.

If unable to read/understand this basic script, DO NOT USE as, there is a good chance failure to run successfully can lead to a system which feels unusable (not actually the case) and some novice users may feel as though a reinstall is necessary.



Incorporated minor revisions which ought support users who prefer RedHat based systems.