Internet required to install qubes

i am trying to install qubes on a former windows pc and i used rufus to format usb to install qubes. the install starts working properly but right around the installation part where you format hard drive…it begins processes and then stops and gives me an error saying qubes needs to be connected to the internet to install. this doesn’t make sense to me…i should be able to install qubes offline. something must be compromised security wise? or what is it? let me know your thoughts…

update*** i just redownloaded the .iso and formatted it onto USB with rufus and tried again and it works. i think the fbi or my isp may have corrupted the original download.

That sounds pretty strange! As explained in the installation guide, the authentic Qubes OS installer is completely offline. It doesn’t even load any networking drivers, so there is no possibility of internet-based data leaks or attacks during the installation process. Did you verify the authenticity of the original ISO (or, for that matter, of the one you just installed)?