Internal mobile/LTE module

I have an embedded lte module, but I can’t find it in the devices. lspci does not output anything that might be related to this module. How to use this module, and most importantly, how to make sure that imei is spoofing?

  • make sure it’s enabled in BIOS
  • it may be associated to another device, but I don’t think Network Manager would detect it, you certainly have to create a ppp connection to have a tunnel, but this requires a SIM card with LTE service
  • not sure IMEI code can be spoofed

What is PPP? Why does a regular modem work without any shit?

The below thread may be helpful.

I myself have given up on a WWAN card; not sure linux supports many of them, but I haven’t spent much time with it. When I do attach the WWAN to a sys-wwan qube, my system freezes and crashes.