Intermittant issue with no applications showing after boot

Every now and then, I experience(d) the strange situation that after [boot > drive-password > user-password > desktop appears] I am unable to see the application I started, that is: I can start any application in any qube, but NO WINDOW for this application opens up. I do see the message that the corresponding qube was started, but then nothing. In qube-manager the corresponding qube seems to be running, but no window appears on the desktop.
The issue until now happened in less than every 20th boot-up, and most of the time a reboot suffices to overcome it. But this morning I had to reboot more than ten times before I could use my machine.
One thing I noticed: when my PC boots normally I get a pop-up in the right upper corner saying something like: You are now connected to … my LAN-network, and this particular message does not appear when the problematic issue happens.
I would like to solve this but I do not know where to look for a cause, where and how to investigate and how to resolve it.
I am hoping someone here can help me by giving some hints as to where to begin.

  1. I am a Linux-novice (but switching away from Windows is probably the best decision in my computing career)
  2. I installed Qubes R4.1 some months ago and ran all updates, and decided to use KDE from the beginning
  3. I installed on a Ryzen 9 5900HX minicomputer with ample RAM
    In advance a ‘thank you’ for any help of hint

I have also experienced this issue, or a very similar issue.

I would be able to start a few (1-3) qubes, that would start normally, and then qubes would stop displaying their GUI, but get the online status in qubes manager.

Rebooting would solve the issue, and it seemed random what qube would trigger the issue.

I reinstalled my system a few months ago, and I have not experienced the issue with the new installation.

I think I might have switched kernel on some VMs when the problem originally started, but it might be unrelated.

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This happened to me again yesterday.

The qubes are running, they can be accessed with xl console, there wasn’t any errors in syslog.