Intel Wi-Fi 7 BE200 - Working?

Has anyone tried this or another Wi-Fi 7 wireless card yet? Supposed to work in Linux kernel 6.5+

Using the Qualcomm WIFI7 QCNCM865 module. Haven’t got it to work yet.

Just installed 4.2.0 today on a new system with the latest kernel and the Intel BE200 wasn’t recognized.

Submitted this item on github (the Qubes group is incredible, but probably not psychic).

marmarek provided an incredibly quick response and recommended using the more up-to-date Fedora in place of Debian for sys-net. Took out the AX200, did as he suggested and the BE200 was immediately detected. Not stable, so reloaded Qubes but still having stability issues (works on the order of minutes). Hopefully updates will solve and trying them now.

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Unfortunately Fedora didn’t work for me either but I’ll keep on checking until it works. I also reverted back to the stable kernel anyway. I was getting random logoffs, reboots and browser crashes.

Fedora updates haven’t help - BE200 only stays up a couple minutes before crashing sys-net. The log has some odd comments, such as invalid SW command, and my motherboard states the M.2 uses Intel CNVi where the BE200 does not. Using a AX200 also w/o CNVi that runs for longer than the Be200 without crashing for now and ordered a AX201 with CNVi to see if that fixes it.

CNVi or CNVio (“Connectivity Integration”, Intel Integrated Connectivity I/O interface) is a proprietary connectivity interface by Intel

Weird. I had the AX200 or 201 on debian minimal without issues.

I am questioning the health of this AX200 card as I’ve had issues with Qubes running Debian or Fedora as sys-net and on another system using Debian or Devuan. Another AX200 card in another Qubes system has been flawless. With that said the BE200 is completely unstable on Fedora, but I have seen some reports of a memory write issue being addressed in an upcoming Fedora 6.8 kernel. None of this is Qubes related, but since it gets me to the internet it’s still important.

If the AX201 works I’ll use it until kernel 6.8-something comes along and try the BE200 again.

Not to provide inaccurate info on kernel-latest being unstable previously, but I think all my crashes are due to some RAM I bought. It just occurred to me to test them and they failed. Good thing I don’t submit bugs.

I get that. I’ve been updating my systems with ECC-capable setups for that reason, though true DDR5 ECC UDIMM are hard to find if you don’t want to use an ECC RDIMM server board, such as on my ASUS W680-ACE (DDR5 notch is in a different location!).

My AX200 card had internal faults and I tossed it. Getting back to the Intel BE200 on Qubes the error I was getting on Fedora sys-net was “Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x0.” A temporary fix was found with a 6.8 kernel on Fedora 39, so those using Qubes will want to wait for that.