Intel VT-x not detected on Dell Precision T3500

For some reason the installer (R4.0.4 & R3.2.1) does not detect the VT-x CPU extensions.
And even if I ignore the installer warning and continue, it doesn’t appear in the installed system.
The CPU, Xeon E5520, supports the extensions, so does the Dell board (I can add pics if needed)
Also when I cat /proc/cpuinfo it doesn’t appear?

Is this a problem with the Dell T3500 or do I need to add something to the Xen config?

Did you try to enable it in BIOS? HCL says that your CPU has no VT-d.

According to Intel, it does

@shintaro69, try updating your BIOS, and then make sure that you have
virtualization enabled.
I cant speak to the Dell board, but you can (presumably) confirm this
with Dell.

But the second column in the HCL for the Dell Precision T3500 has a Green Yes for IOMMU?
Should I be looking at another column?

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Yep, Intel shows support.

I enabled it in the BIOS.
The BIOS version is the latest A17. the HCL was tested against A07.

Does anyone know how features are detected? Modprobe?

If you have enabled in the BIOS then I cant see why it wouldn’t feature.
What’s the output of xl info in dom0?

There’s no point in speculating.
If someone has experience with this, chip in.
But Dell have supplied the box - ask them.