Intel NUC10i7FNK2 Qubes 4.1


Works well out of the box. There are two issues I had, one I haven’t resolved but it isn’t a show stopper. The first issue appeared at the end of the installation and was an issue with the Ethernet controller, specifically the “Unable to reset the PCI device…” the solution is here in the documentation. The other has to do when rebooting. Qubes finishes shutting everything down and when it hands over to reset the computer it just hangs. Shutting down works fine though.

The following are tested and work well:

  • Video
  • Networking - wired and wireless
  • sleep

Qubes-HCL-Intel_R__Client_Systems-NUC10i7FNK-20220809-083752.yml (815 Bytes)


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Thank you @thewanderer for your HCL report, which is online now!

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