Intel Alder Lake Performance vs Efficiency Cores

Has anyone tried to use Intel Alder Lake CPUs on Qubes-OS? Does it work straight out of the box without any troubleshooting required? How do I know which CPU core numbers are performance or efficiency cores?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

There is another thread basically asking the same question, and no clear answer was given. Someone mentions that hardware support could take up to two year, which I guess is the worst case scenario.

I have not been able to find any information on Xen not supporting Adler Lake, but that might be the case.

As fare as I know, Linux supports Alder Lake but the P/E core optimizations are added in 5.17 which I don’t know if you can use with qubes. Without the optimization, the OS heavily favors using the fast P cores over the E cores, resulting in overall performance drop, but it shouldn’t mean the CPU isn’t working.

That said, working in linux doesn’t mean working in qubes.

Judging from the other thread, using both a current gen CPU and motherboard is likely to require more troubleshooting than older hardware.

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