Integrated USB audio passthrough issues

My motherboard’s audio is USB (it’s found as an ASUSTek Generic USB Audio device) works in sys-usb, but when I try to attach it to a VM to use it, I get a different set of audio inputs and outputs which don’t work (and a bunch of “usb not implemented” errors in the kernel log. If I then detach it from the VM, sys-usb cannot see it anymore until I restart it.

I tried with a different USB audio interface (a Corsair one that came with a pair of headphones), and that one worked well with passthrough.

From what I have found in the forum, some USB audio devices have those problems. The only workaround I found is to convert sys-usb to also my audiovm, but I do not feel comfortable enough with QubesOS to do it (yet). Are there any other possible workarounds? Or just wait until the drivers get (hopefully) fixed or I gain the courage to setup an audiovm?