Integrated Graphics

Just wanted to quickly ask if QubeOS had access to integrated graphics cards and could use them effectively? For instance, the Intel UHD graphics or new Iris Xe embedded in Intel CPUs, or Ryzen AMD APUs?


Intel UHD is what I have, and it works flawlessly. However, don’t expect that the OS will use it “effectively”, because AppVMs use a software-only (CPU-based) implementation of OpenGL. It seems one cannot do much about it, since it’s necessary for Qubes OS GUI isolation. Related issue.

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Intel uhd would definetly work,
iris xe hmm… i helped some users and it work but i can’t guarantee it.
amd apu, doesn’t have idea.

There will always an solution, if you have much time and want to learn. Go for it, otherwise check hcl reports.

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So it would run a software renderer on the iGPU?

Your qubes would, but not dom0. The way Qubes OS implements the integrated desktop is that each qube renders it’s “screen” and bitmaps of the respective windows are then sent to dom0 via qrexec. There the actual windows (with the bitmaps in them) get drawn. XFCE in dom0 (or later the sys-gui) can use the iGPU hardware directly, but your qubes can’t.

In practice this works way better than you’d imagine.

Not true, I think. It uses shared memory to avoid performance issues. See GUI virtualization | Qubes OS.

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See GUI virtualization | Qubes OS.

Thanks for the correction. That makes sense, because the performance is really excellent.

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