Installing Windows 7: "Check if the qube personal can be started and has a file manager installed"

I have installed Qubes 4.1 and would like to run a windows 7 machine in seamless mode. I have done this before in qubes 4.0. When selecting the Windows7.iso I get a prompt that says: “Check if the qube personal can be started and has a file manager installed”. This only appears to be the case for windows ISO’s. Selecting a ubuntu ISO from the same qube, and folder location does not return this error.

I have attempted to get around this issue by using a USB instead, both with the ISO only and with contents created by a flashing tool like Rufus - in both situations I get a message that no bootable media is present.

I have found a solution to the issue, for some reason the message in the title only appears when the ISO is in the downloads folder. Moving the ISO to the documents folder works perfect. Not really sure why this is the case.

Some people are reading this through emails and will not see edits made after 10+ minutes. It would be more convenient for them if you make a reply instead (next time).

Thanks for the solution by the way, other people will appreciate it.

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