Installing to existing LVM partition

I have an existing LVM partition with my other OS’s on it and I was wondering if I could install Qubes onto that. I guess I would need to make some extra VGs for Qubes to use, but I have no idea how to point Qubes to those in the installer. I also have the LVM partition unencrypted, while I think Qubes expects to be using LVM on a LUKS encrypted partition. I could move the LVM partition to onto LUKS, and have even considered because it would work fine with my use-case, but it would require a bit of work. Thoughts?

Hi there,
just for my understanding, LVM has a PV undelying?
If yes, I think You don’t have to point to LVM, but directly to its PV(s) (or better to physical underlying partition…)

Hi again, sorry for the delay in responding. To clarify, my original idea was to maybe create another VG on my existing PV that Qubes could use, alongside my existing OS’s. After looking it up though, this StackExchange question seems to say that this is not possible (I guess it would be important to note that, as this shows, I am not that experienced with LVM). The main reason I wanted this was so that I wouldn’t have juggle with partitions when I need more space for something or want to do something, and this is one of the main reasons I started using LVM, because you don’t have to mess with partitions as much. But, as mentioned, it seems like I might just have to. Thanks for trying to help though.