Installing software

I have attempted to install Qortal in a cloned debian template and also in an app Qube. Either way, bootstrap fails.

Software packages installed in other app Qubes dont run at all - command not found.

After two weeks of looking at the how to install software page and achieving nothing I give up on Qubes.

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What is the exact error?

Did you follow this guide?

Thank you for responding fsflover.

I wasnt expecting a reply and have now deleted Qubes and am installing debian but from memory the error message was "bootstrapping failed trying again in x minutes… "

I had Anaconda installed in another app Qube but anaconda-navigator returned command not found. This worked in a previous Qubes installation but Im not sure what I did differently.

Yes that was the guide I used.

Once I see everything is running on debian I will probably reinstall qubes but I need to understand why nothing I install runs, whether I install it in a qube or a template. With Qortal the gui would start but it wouldnt bootstrap. I think its something to do with how the qube connects.

Anaconda I had working before so I could again.

I’m happy you are interested in Qubes.

You could start by installing your software in an HVM. This brings you very close to an ordinary Debian installation. The next step is to read this and check if your software writes something to /home at installation.

Thank you for taking an interest, I appreciate it.

That’s a very good idea - running a HVM. I have just installed debian 12, qortal, anaconda etc and everything works so I will back that up, reinstall qubes, think about inheritance/persistance and /home and report back.

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