Installing software that's in tar.gz2


I’m trying to install software that’s not in the repos like dnf or snap. But the devs provided a tar.gz2 file or they have the source. Is there a guide that can show me how to install with those? I’m having difficulty finding something that’s more of the “hand-holding” variety. Hoping someone might have a link or something!

Tar is an archive and gz2 is compressed file with bz2 algorithm, you need to extract first. What software is it ?

I’m looking at Kloak and NotepadQQ right now. I’m hoping to learn the basics of how to do all this so I can basically install anything I need/run across that I’d like to install. For NotepadQQ, their Snap solution isn’t working for me. So I’m thinking I probably need to build it. But I’m so lost right now.

just build like what they sad, i had compiled many software like this
each software i ever compiled is compiled in different way

There’s several ways to do this, so you’ll have to consider the tradeoffs, if you have bin or source, how much you trust the software, how complex its dependencies are, and how long you need to keep.

If it’s a binary, you don’t trust it, or don’t plan to keep it, use a DispVM or make it its own AppVM.

If it has to be built or has a lot of dependencies, clone the minimal template and install those, then make the AppVM.

If development of the software is your goal or you’re not sure what the dependencies are, you may find a stand alone VM easier to work with.