Installing Realtek 8125 Drivers

I have installed Qubes 4.1 and am looking to get the internet working. My mobo uses a 2.5Gbit Driver that requires the Realtek 8125 drivers. Problem is I am unable to install the .deb file because I don’t have dpkg and the .deb I have tries to get updates from the internet. Ive tried Getting Internet drivers for my PCI WIFI card so I could temporarily get internet for the drivers but they require a slew of packages to be installed manually before I can build the drivers.

If anybody has experience with this, I would appreciate the help.

Hi @Christian ,
on my first Qubes install on an Intel NUC10, the default kernel was too old, my internal ethernet card failed to work.

So I used an USB ethernet card which worked fine, so I updated the kernel and switched again to the internal ethernet card.

I suggest you try different USB ethernet cards and read this USB ethernet card related thread.