Installing Qubes to an external ssd on a thinkpad

Awhile back (year ago) i tried installing qubes to an flash drive and somehow it then showed up in my boot loader? (and this is a work PC my employer admin wasnt very happy). I had thought that if I installed qubes to an external drive there would be “no trace” of it having been on the computer? I want to try again but ask first if there is anything in particular I should be doing? I very specifically remember selecting the correct drive (ie not the internal think pad drive) so am not sure what else I should have done? What would be different this time is I have an external nvme drive/enclosure.

Qubes OS installer will create EFI boot entry for the installed system by default.
If you want to leave no trace of the installation then remove this EFI boot entry after installing the Qubes OS.
In installer shell TTY or in installed Qubes OS on this PC run this command to see all the EFI entries:


Then remove the Qubes OS entry using this command:

efibootmgr -b <boot order number> -B

Change <boot order number> to your Qubes OS one (e.g. 0003).

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