Installing qubes os

hi guys! i’m new to these things and i’m asking your help.
i have dell latitude 5590 and and downloaded qubes os and i boot it in a usb using ventoy but when i go to bios menu and pass all the steps that i see people going through on youtube, but when i select the language and move the the instalation place i get somethings that people don’t get and i can’t move on:

On this screen, you need to click on icons indicating problems and configure them one by one. Feel free to ask more and provide screenshots from the next steps if you have questions.

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Thank you so much for your reply. As you can see i clicked on installation source and this what it shows👇 btw when click on DONE with doing anything it says processing for like 3 or 4 mins and the screen shows some glitches and then it says error. What to do please

I guess Ventoy is not working with Qubes OS:


Unfortunately …now should i just use rufus?

I think so, don’t forget to use DD mode in rufus.

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Thank you brother so much