Installing qubes onto a usb flash using a Lenovo thinkpad X1 yoga Gen 8?

I have a work x1 yoga gen8 so I cant install onto that computers nvme so I wanted to install onto a usb stick. So i dd the iso to another usb stick, then boot with it, then install qubes to the other usb stick (seems to go ok, no errors) but then when i try to boot the new "qubes usb stick installation) the computer acts like its not bootable? I dont get an error it just goes to the next boot option. I had made sure to turn off secure boot, and turn on both of the virtualization option but nada?
Has anyone else successfully tried this? Are there other uefi options I should be changing? I would really like to do personal things on this computer but doing it on the win install is #1 irritating (windows) and #2 inadvisable as my employer does monitor sites that are visited (for example, the vicious, totally nsfw site urbandictionary… yeah, I was like wtf).

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I tried installing another distro the same way, same result. But, I have a ventoy flash drive and was able to boot that fine (created it on another computer though).
So not a qubes issue per se but still welcome ideas? :frowning:

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So maybe its due to ESP? I was reading this article and it sounds like something about flags?

This is a bit nebulous to me, I dont understand why i can use rufus and create a bootable install usb stick, and use ventoy to make a bootable usb but if I use a bootable installation drive and install to another usb stick then that stick i installed to is not bootable? On my previous computer I did not have this problem so am at a bit of a loss?


Did you try to use a different USB stick?

Yes, two different usb sticks actually. I noticed I can make a bootable usb using rufus or other apps like yummi but when i try to install from one usb to another usb the destination usb will not boot? I tried installing ubuntu from one usb to another usb and that also did not work on this computer but it works on my older computer. Is there some sort of bios setting that might affect this?