Installing qubes on surface laptop 3 ryzen 5 surface edition

hi, in this laptop there is no decent bios, i can’t enable iommu. i went through installation adding couple of commands to installation grub but it still just cant boot, there is black screen and no info
im not a linux poweruser i just like the idea of qubes

anyone who installed qubes on surface laptop 3?

apparently iommu is enabled
[ 0.441875] pci 0000:00:00.2: AMD-Vi: IOMMU performance counters supported
[ 0.443976] pci 0000:00:00.2: AMD-Vi: Found IOMMU cap 0x40
[ 0.444543] perf/amd_iommu: Detected AMD IOMMU #0 (2 banks, 4 counters/bank).
[ 2.292278] AMD-Vi: AMD IOMMUv2 loaded and initialized

Remove quiet rhgb kernel command line options in installer GRUB menu and boot to see if it’ll show you the boot log.
You can also try to boot with nomodeset kernel command line option in GRUB.