Installing QUBES on a separate internal SSD alongside Windows on the main SSD?

Hey All!

So I am super new to the Qubes philosophy of isolation and the security models that come with it.

I am very interested in trying it out before I make the full switch. I know that I can just run it in a USB but I would prefer it on my actual computer.

Right now on my machine I use Windows 10 (mostly for work!). It came pre-installed from the OEM in the UEFI mode on the main internal SSD.

I went ahead and purchased an extra internal SSD and popped it into the internal 2.5" bay.

I am looking to install Qubes onto that new SSD. But I want to make sure that I can boot into my Windows 10 (which will be on the separate SSD that came with the machine) as well.

If I just go ahead and install Qubes in UEFI mode on this new SSD, would I just be able to boot back and forth between the two OSes (on the different hard drives) using the boot order selector. Or do I need to do something different during the installations?

The guides that I have read all talk about installing using legacy boot mode, so I am just super confused at this point.

Can someone explain me how to achieve this? Does anyone else have a similar setup?

I just don’t want to loose all my data on Windows during this install!


that should be perfectly possible in the way you speculate, yes, though I tend not to use UEFI mode, so idk if there are any quirks involved.