Installing qubes-dist-upgrade failed


See the screenshot for what went wrong. What can I do here?

Try to update the template of your dom0 update proxy qube, then update dom0 and restart the system.
After this try to install the qubes-dist-upgrade package again.

Update of whonix-gw-16 template failed

sudo qubesctl --show-output --skip-dom0 --templates --target=whonix-gw-16 state.sls update.qubes-vm

        ID: update
  Function: pkg.uptodate
    Result: False
   Comment: E: Release file for tor+ is expired (invalid since 68d 17h 29min 47s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.
   Started: 07:46:22.812409
  Duration: 16704.894 ms

        ID: notify-updates
      Name: /usr/lib/qubes/upgrades-status-notify
    Result: False
   Comment: Command "/usr/lib/qubes/upgrades-status-notify" run
   Started: 07:46:39.519359
  Duration: 5692.826 ms

Summary for whonix-gw-16

Succeeded: 0 (changed=1)
Failed: 2

Total states run: 2
Total run time: 22.398 s

Install Whonix 17 templates (gateway+workstation) and use them instead of your old Whonix 16 templates.
You can use Qubes Template Manager GUI tool for this or qvm-template command in dom0 terminal.

Thx, installation worked.

Running the upgrade updating the whonix-gw-16 and whonix-ws-16 failed for the same reason.

Can I go on with all stages and fix this manually the same way after the in place upgrade finished?

Upgrade process stopped after stage 1. :frowning:

Just remove Whonix 16 templates so they won’t cause the issues, you won’t need them anymore.
Retry upgrade after removing the templates.

Just remove them, or remove them after I did the manual update for whonix-ws-16 too?

Oh, I overlooked, that you already told me to install both.