Installing .NET for Wine in Debian-12-xfce

I am trying to install a program that uses Microsoft .NET and trying to use Wine to install it.

The .NET installation stalls. I don’t know if I should be installing this in the Template or AppVM. I already cloned the initial debian-12-xfce template so that if I mess up the template I have the original one.

Is there any way to do this or should I give up?

You need to install it in your appvm. Do you use offline or online installer? If it’s online installer then you need to connect your qube to the internet.

I tried with the AppVM. It just won’t download. I don’t know if Microsoft doesn’t like the IP address or what is going on. It’s connected to the Internet. It was first connected to sys-whonix and when that didn’t work I tried a VPN IP and nothing happens.

Try to use offline installer.

Can I do that with Wine? Wine will remember it’s installed?

Just download offline installer and install it in wine as any other program with wine program.exe and it’ll work fine.

I got 4.8 offline .NET installed but the Application wants 4.5 and still tries to install it. I tried to install 4.5.2 offline .NET and it installs. But when I load the application it tries to download 4.5 again.

I don’t think I can get this to work.

Check your app compatibility with wine: