Installing libraries in AppVm (not template) - Fedora

Hey all, I typically install apps in the template VMs so that they can be used by multiple app VMs, but sometimes I need to install a specific version of a library, only inside specific App VM (and have it persist). For instance, I would like to use this for development, when working on a new version of an app which requires different versions of libraries, so I don’t want to install these libraries in the template VM.

I believe anything under /usr/local or /rw is specific for App VM and persisted. How can I tell dnf or rpm (in Fedora) to install libraries into these locations?

Hi @crowphale,

Look the --installroot=<path> dnf option. Note that I never used it, I only read the dnf man page.
An alternative is the usage of StandaloneVM.
Another alternative is a re-install of your packages on each boot, this could be automated (manual script in home which do sudo dnf install ... and launch your development app, with /rw/config/rc.local, …).

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I don’t think --installroot does this. I don’t understand the manual, but I could not get sudo dnf install working with --installroot option.

Well the --installroot is in the man page and I see usage examples when I do web searches…

I gave also alternatives in my post. For example for my appVM for music (Debian), I reinstall manually the moc package on each boot with :

sudo apt install moc; mocp

which is in my bash history (but could be automated).

Ten years ago, I used a manual rpm extraction with :

cd /where/I/want/to/extract
rpm2cpio <rpm filepath> | cpio -dim

It could work with very basic and low integrated rpms.