Installing Kernel Devel Package in Dom0: Possible / Safe?

The Librem 14 has a known issue with the battery failing to charge due to a problem with the EC. There is a fix but I installed Qubes and wiped PureOS before fixing it. Now, running the script to fix it fails because it can’t find the correct kernel headers. The potential fix is to download the kernel devel for for the 5.4.98-1.fc25 kernel. (1) is this safe to do; and (2) how would I do this? Can it even be done from the Dom0 terminal? Many thanks!


If nobody here is able to help, the purism forum may be a suitable place too look for a solution as well:


Thanks. I am really hoping someone here can answer because I find few on the Purism forum to be experienced with Qubes. Also, my question is more about whether installing the kernel devel package would cause any security issues or if it is even possible to install it in Dom0.

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I’ve renamed the title to reflect this. Feel free to adjust it if you feel it doesn’t exactly fit your question.

You can install the kernel-devel package using sudo qubes-dom0-update

  • make sure it matches the dom0 kernel obviously.

Without seeing the script I’m not clear why you would want this though.
Cant you build whatever is required in a fedora25 qube, and then load it
in to dom0?