Installing G915 TKL

Hi, im having problems to install G915 TKL on my qubes, when i plug the usb logitech receiver on the usb port qubes recognize it but it doesnt work like the mouse when i plug i can use mouse instantly, this not work with g915, so i restarted the computer and on the luks prompt the enter the password to decrypt the harddisk the keyboard works fine but when qubes is initialized the keyboard doesnt work anymore, just the mouse.

hello i have solved the problem with

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboards

now im having another problem… the keyboard layout… the notebook uses one and the keyboard is another one… i think i’ll need to reinstall the qubes and setup the layout from the external keyboard.

Perhaps open this as a new thread so we keep it to one issue per thread (this way solutions can much more easily be reused).

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ok… tks

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