Installing emacs packages on template qube

How would you go about installing an emacs package on a template machine? These are my thoughts:

(1) The worst option is to grant the template machine temporary internet access and install the packages.

(2) so, you can git clone the packages (say over a whonix session, and then move the files to the template machine). Then do a local install of the cloned packages. This approach may lead to a lot of work.

(3) use the proxy server - much like for python packages (pip install --proxy=http: packagename). However, I do not know how to do this.

This is my user-case:

I have a template debian qube used by two (or three) VMs. These VMs are for code development, code testing etc. The VMs have no internet access (so that, for example, there is no sneaky way for VS code to send telemetry anywhere…). It would be great to never grant these machines internet access - and to configure emacs on the template machine once and for all, so that I basically have the same configuration on all dev machines.

For python packages, I already do something on these lines: create some base environments on the template that can be activated on the VMs.

I don’t use emacs, but in general, what emacs packages you already can’t find in template available repositories?
Or, better, what are you trying to achieve?

@enmus, thank you for considering the question. As far as I understood, none of emacs packages are listed in template available repositories. But it would be fantastic if I am wrong here. The repos I know for emacs are:

In the end, there is a way to tell emacs to use the qubes proxy (like in pip). Following:

The code below worked on my emacs when placed on the init.el config file:
(setq url-proxy-services’(
; (“no_proxy” . “^\(localhost\|10.*\)”)
(“http” . “”)
(“https” . “”)

(require 'package)

; NOTE: can include here local folder – see elpy instructions for manual download
(setq package-archives '(
; (“melpa” . “Package Listing”)
(“org” . “Index of /elpa/”)
; (“elpa” . “GNU ELPA Packages”)

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Sorry if I’m wasting your time, but what you get when you type sudo dnf search elpa and sudo apt search elpa in your fedora and debian templates’ terminals? Not packages you’d want?

@buvivv Thanks for the post, got it working for me.

@enmus Basically, emacs has its own package repositories. sudo dnf search elpa won’t work since that command is for linux packages.

So, noting of these doesn’t satisfy your needs:

Sorry if this is noise

user@debian-11-minimal:~$ sudo apt search elpa
Sorting… Done
Full Text Search… Done
auto-complete-el/stable 1.5.1-0.2 all
transitional package for elpa-auto-complete

autodep8/stable 0.24 all
DEP-8 test control file generator

c-sig/stable 3.8-24 all
Transition package, c-sig to elpa-c-sig

darcsum/stable 1.10+20120116-4 all
Transition package, darcsum to elpa-darcsum

dash-el/stable 2.17.0+dfsg-1 all
transitional dummy package for elpa-dash

debian-el/stable 37.10 all
Transition package, debian-el to elpa-debian-el

devscripts-el/stable 40.5 all
Transition package, devscripts-el to elpa-devscripts

dh-elpa/stable 2.0.8 all
Debian helper tools for packaging emacs lisp extensions

dh-elpa-helper/stable 2.0.8 all
helper package for emacs lisp extensions

dh-make-elpa/stable 0.19.1 all
helper for creating Debian packages from ELPA packages

dictionary-el/stable 1.10+git20190107-3 all
transitional dummy package, dictionary-el to elpa-dictionary

dpkg-dev-el/stable 37.9 all
Transition package, dpkg-dev-el to elpa-dpkg-dev-el

elpa-ac-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
auto-complete back-end for RTags

elpa-ace-link/stable 0.5.0-3 all
selecting a link to jump to

elpa-ace-popup-menu/stable 0.2.1-3 all
replace GUI popup menu with something more efficient

elpa-ace-window/stable 0.10.0-1 all
selecting a window to switch to

elpa-adaptive-wrap/stable 0.8-1 all
smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix

elpa-ag/stable 0.48-1 all
Emacs frontend to ag

elpa-agda2-mode/stable 2.6.1-1 all
dependently typed functional programming language ?? emacs mode

elpa-aggressive-indent/stable 1.9.0-3 all
Emacs minor mode that reindents code after every change

elpa-anzu/stable 0.64-1 all
show number of matches in mode-line while searching

elpa-apache-mode/stable 2.2.0-3 all
Emacs major mode for editing Apache configuration files

elpa-apiwrap/stable 0.5-4 all
api-wrapping macros

elpa-assess/stable 0.6-1 all
test support functions for Emacs

elpa-async/stable 1.9.4-2 all
simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs

elpa-atomic-chrome/stable 2.0.0-2 all
edit a web-browser text entry area with Emacs

elpa-ats2-mode/stable 0.4.0-1 all
ATS version 2 programming language emacs mode

elpa-auto-complete/stable 1.5.1-0.2 all
intelligent auto-completion extension for GNU Emacs

elpa-auto-dictionary/stable 1.1+14.gb364e08-1 all
automatic dictionary switcher for Emacs spell checking

elpa-avy/stable 0.5.0-2 all
jump to things in Emacs tree-style

elpa-avy-menu/stable 0.1.1-3 all
library providing avy-powered popup menu

elpa-bar-cursor/stable 2.0-1.1 all
switch Emacs block cursor to a bar

elpa-beacon/stable 1.3.3-3 all
highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls

elpa-beginend/stable 2.2.0-1 all
redefine M-< and M-> for some modes to get to meaningful locations

elpa-bind-chord/stable 2.4.1-1 all
key-chord binding helper for use-package-chords

elpa-bind-key/stable 2.4.1-1 all
simple way to manage personal keybindings

elpa-bind-map/stable 1.1.1-5 all
bind personal keymaps in multiple locations

elpa-bm/stable 201905-2 all
visual bookmarks for GNU Emacs

elpa-bongo/stable 1.1-2 all
buffer-oriented media player for GNU Emacs

elpa-boxquote/stable 2.2-1 all
quote text in Emacs with a semi-box

elpa-browse-kill-ring/stable 2.0.0-3 all
interactively insert items from kill-ring

elpa-bug-hunter/stable 1.3.1+repack-5 all
automatically debug and bisect your init.el or .emacs file

elpa-buttercup/stable 1.24-1 all
behaviour-driven testing for Emacs Lisp packages

elpa-c-sig/stable 3.8-24 all
signature tool for GNU Emacs

elpa-caml/stable 4.06-2 all
emacs mode for editing OCaml programs

elpa-char-menu/stable 0.1.1-3 all
create your own menu for fast insertion of arbitrary symbols

elpa-cider/stable 0.19.0+dfsg-2.1 all
Clojure IDE for Emacs

elpa-circe/stable 2.11-2 all
client for IRC in Emacs

elpa-clojure-mode/stable 5.10.0-3 all
Emacs major mode for Clojure code

elpa-clojure-mode-extra-font-locking/stable 5.10.0-3 all
extra font-locking for clojure-mode

elpa-closql/stable 1.0.4-2 all
Store EIEIO objects using EmacSQL

elpa-clues-theme/stable 1.0.1-2.1 all
cream/brown/orange color theme for Emacs

elpa-color-theme-modern/stable 0.0.3-1 all
deftheme reimplementation of classic Emacs color-themes

elpa-company/stable 0.9.13-2 all
Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs

elpa-company-lsp/stable 2.1.0-3 all
Company completion backend for emacs lsp-mode.

elpa-company-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
company back-end for RTags

elpa-concurrent/stable 0.5.1-4 all
higher level library for concurrent tasks

elpa-counsel/stable 0.13.0-1 all
collection of Ivy-enhanced versions of common Emacs commands

elpa-csv-mode/stable 1.12-1 all
Emacs major mode for editing comma, char, and tab separated values

elpa-ctable/stable 0.1.2-6 all
table component for Emacs Lisp

elpa-cycle-quotes/stable 0.1-4 all
Emacs command to cycle between quotation marks

elpa-darcsum/stable 1.10+20120116-4 all
pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches

elpa-dash/stable 2.17.0+dfsg-1 all
modern list manipulation library for Emacs

elpa-dash-functional/stable 1.2.0+dfsg-7 all
collection of functional combinators for Emacs Lisp

elpa-db/stable 0.0.6+git20140421.b3a423f-3 all
database interface for Emacs Lisp

elpa-debian-el/stable 37.10 all
Emacs helpers specific to Debian users

elpa-debpaste/stable 0.1.5-4 all client for Emacs

elpa-deferred/stable 0.5.1-4 all
simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp

elpa-deft/stable 0.8-3 all
Emacs mode to browse, filter, and edit plain text notes

elpa-devscripts/stable 40.5 all
Emacs wrappers for the commands in devscripts

elpa-dictionary/stable 1.10+git20190107-3 all
dictionary client for Emacs

elpa-diff-hl/stable 1.8.8-1 all
highlight uncommitted changes using VC

elpa-diffview/stable 1.0-3 all
view diffs in side-by-side format

elpa-diminish/stable 0.45-4 all
hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays of minor-modes

elpa-dimmer/stable 0.4.2+repack-2 all
visually highlight the selected buffer

elpa-dired-du/stable 0.5.2-2 all
dired with recursive directory sizes

elpa-dired-quick-sort/stable 0.1.1-1 all
persistent quick sorting of dired buffers in various ways

elpa-dired-rsync/stable 0.6-1 all
support for rsync from Emacs dired buffers

elpa-discover-my-major/stable 1.0-4 all
discover key bindings and their meaning for the current Emacs major mode

elpa-dockerfile-mode/stable 1.2-2 all
Major mode for editing Docker’s Dockerfiles

elpa-dpkg-dev-el/stable 37.9 all
Emacs helpers specific to Debian development

elpa-dumb-jump/stable 0.5.3-1 all
jump to definition for multiple languages without configuration

elpa-ebib/stable 2.15.4-3 all
BibTeX database manager for Emacs

elpa-ediprolog/stable 2.1-1 all
Emacs Does Interactive Prolog

elpa-editorconfig/stable 0.8.1-3 all
coding style indenter for all editors - Emacsen plugin

elpa-el-mock/stable 1.25.1-4 all
tiny mock and stub framework for Emacs Lisp

elpa-el-x/stable 0.3.1-4 all
Emacs Lisp extensions

elpa-elfeed/stable 3.4.1-1 all
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader

elpa-elfeed-web/stable 3.4.1-1 all
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader - web interface

elpa-elisp-refs/stable 1.3-3 all
find callers of elisp functions or macros

elpa-elisp-slime-nav/stable 0.9-5 all
Emacs extension that provide Emacs Lisp code navigation

elpa-elm-mode/stable 0.20.3-3 all
Major Emacs mode for editing Elm source code

elpa-elpher/stable 2.10.2-2 all
friendly gopher and gemini client

elpa-emacsql/stable 3.0.0+ds-2 all
high level SQL database frontend for Emacs

elpa-emacsql-mysql/stable 3.0.0+ds-2 all
high level SQL database frontend for Emacs

elpa-emacsql-psql/stable 3.0.0+ds-2 all
high level SQL database frontend for Emacs

elpa-emacsql-sqlite/stable 3.0.0+ds-2 amd64
high level SQL database frontend for Emacs

elpa-emacsql-sqlite3/stable 1.0.2-1 all
Yet another EmacSQL backend for SQLite

elpa-engine-mode/stable 2.1.1-1 all
define and query search engines from within Emacs

elpa-epc/stable 0.1.1-6 all
RPC stack for Emacs Lisp

elpa-epl/stable 0.9-3 all
Emacs Package Library

elpa-eproject/stable 1.5+git20180312.068218d-3 all
assign files to Emacs projects, programmatically

elpa-ert-async/stable 0.1.2-5 all
asynchronous tests for the Emacs ERT testing framework

elpa-ert-expectations/stable 0.2-4 all
very simple unit test framework for Emacs Lisp

elpa-esh-help/stable 1.0.1-2.1 all
add some help functions and support for Eshell

elpa-eshell-bookmark/stable 2.0.0-2.1 all
integrate bookmarks with Eshell

elpa-eshell-git-prompt/stable 0.1.2-4 all
Eshell prompt themes for Git users

elpa-eshell-prompt-extras/stable 1.0-1 all
display extra information in your Eshell prompt

elpa-eshell-up/stable 0.0.3-5 all
quickly go to a specific parent directory in eshell

elpa-eshell-z/stable 0.4-3 all
cd to frequent directory in eshell

elpa-ess/stable 18.10.2-2 all
Emacs mode for statistical programming and data analysis

elpa-esup/stable 0.7.1-3 all
Emacs StartUp Profiler

elpa-esxml/stable 0.3.5-1 all
XML, ESXML and SXML library for Emacs Lisp

elpa-evil/stable 1.14.0-1 all
extensible vi layer for Emacs

elpa-evil-paredit/stable 0.0.2-5 all
emacs extension, integrating evil and paredit

elpa-exec-path-from-shell/stable 1.12-2 all
get environment variables such as $PATH from the shell

elpa-expand-region/stable 0.11.0+36-1 all
Increase selected region in Emacs by semantic units

elpa-eyebrowse/stable 0.7.8-2 all
simple-minded way of managing window configs in Emacs

elpa-f/stable 0.20.0-3 all
modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs Lisp

elpa-faceup/stable 0.0.4-5 all
Regression test system for font-lock

elpa-fill-column-indicator/stable 1.90-2.1 all
graphically indicate the fill column

elpa-find-file-in-project/stable 6.0.1-1 all
quick access to project files in Emacs

elpa-flx/stable 0.6.1-5 all
sorting algorithm for fuzzy matching in Emacs

elpa-flx-ido/stable 0.6.1-5 all
allows Emacs Ido to use the flx sorting algorithm

elpa-flycheck/stable 32~git.20200527.9c435db3-2 all
modern on-the-fly syntax checking for Emacs

elpa-flycheck-package/stable 0.13-1 all
flycheck checker for Elisp package authors

elpa-flycheck-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
flycheck integration for RTags

elpa-folding/stable 0+20200825.748-1 all
folding-editor minor mode for Emacs

elpa-fountain-mode/stable 2.8.5-1 all
Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain markup

elpa-fricas/stable 1.3.6-6 all
General purpose computer algebra system: emacs support

elpa-fsm/stable 0.2.1-4 all
state machine library

elpa-geiser/stable 0.10-1 all
enhanced Scheme interaction mode for Emacs

elpa-ggtags/stable 0.8.13-2 all
improved Emacs interface to GNU GLOBAL

elpa-ghub/stable 3.5.1-1 all
minuscule client for the Github API

elpa-ghub+/stable 0.3-6 all
thick GitHub API client built on ghub

elpa-git-annex/stable 1.1-4 all
Emacs integration for git-annex

elpa-git-auto-commit-mode/stable 4.7.0-2 all
Emacs Minor mode to automatically commit and push with git

elpa-git-commit/stable 2.99.0.git0957.ge8c7bd03-1 all
Major mode for editing git commit message

elpa-git-messenger/stable 0.18-5 all
pop up last commit information of current line

elpa-git-modes/stable 1.2.8-4 all
major modes for editing Git configuration files

elpa-git-timemachine/stable 4.11-1 all
walk through git revisions of a file

elpa-gitattributes-mode/stable 1.2.8-4 all
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitattributes)

elpa-gitconfig-mode/stable 1.2.8-4 all
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitconfig and gitmodules)

elpa-gitignore-mode/stable 1.2.8-4 all
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitignore)

elpa-gitlab-ci-mode/stable 20190824.12.2-2 all
Emacs mode for editing GitLab CI files

elpa-gnuplot-mode/stable 1:0.7.0-2014-12-31-2 all
Gnuplot mode for Emacs

elpa-go-mode/stable 3:1.5.0-4 all
Emacs mode for editing Go code

elpa-golden-ratio/stable 1.0-6 all
automatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio

elpa-goo/stable 0.155+ds-4 all
generic object-orientator (Emacs support)

elpa-goto-chg/stable 1.7.3-1 all
navigate the point to the most recent edit in the buffer

elpa-graphql/stable 0.1.1-5 all
GraphQL utilities

elpa-graphviz-dot-mode/stable 0.4.2-2 all
Emacs mode for the dot-language used by graphviz.

elpa-haskell-mode/stable 17.2-3 all
major mode for editing Haskell in Emacs

elpa-haskell-tab-indent/stable 0.3-3 all
tab-based indentation for haskell-mode

elpa-helm/stable 3.7.0-2 all
Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework

elpa-helm-ag/stable 0.59-1 all
Silver Searcher integration with Emacs Helm

elpa-helm-core/stable 3.7.0-2 all
Emacs Helm library files

elpa-helm-org/stable 1.0-2 all
Emacs Helm for Org-mode headlines and keywords completion

elpa-helm-projectile/stable 0.14.0-6 all
Helm integration for Projectile

elpa-helm-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
helm interface for RTags

elpa-helm-virtualenvwrapper/stable 0.2.0-2 all
helm-source for virtualenvwrapper.el

elpa-helpful/stable 0.18-1 all
better help buffer

elpa-highlight-indentation/stable 0.7.0-5 all
highlight the indentation level in Emacs buffers

elpa-highlight-numbers/stable 0.2.3-6 all
highlight numbers in source code

elpa-hl-todo/stable 3.1.2-1 all
highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings

elpa-ht/stable 2.3-1 all
hash table library for Emacs

elpa-htmlize/stable 1.55-1 all
convert buffer text and decorations to HTML

elpa-hungry-delete/stable 1.1.5-7 all
enable hungry deletion in all modes

elpa-hydra/stable 0.15.0-3 all
make Emacs bindings that stick around

elpa-ibuffer-projectile/stable 0.3-1 all
group buffers in ibuffer list by Projectile project

elpa-ibuffer-vc/stable 0.11-1 all
group ibuffer list by VC project and show VC status

elpa-ido-completing-read+/stable 4.13-2 all
completing-read-function using ido

elpa-ido-vertical-mode/stable 0.1.6-5 all
make ido-mode display vertically

elpa-iedit/stable all
edit multiple regions in the same way simultaneously

elpa-imenu-list/stable 0.8-3 all
show the current Emacs buffer’s imenu entries in a separate window

elpa-initsplit/stable 1.8+3+gc941d43-3 all
code to split customizations into different files

elpa-irony/stable 1.4.0+7.g76fd37f-1 all
Emacs C/C++ minor mode powered by libclang

elpa-ivy/stable 0.13.0-1 all
generic completion mechanism for Emacs

elpa-ivy-hydra/stable 0.13.0-1 all
additional key bindings for Emacs Ivy

elpa-ivy-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
ivy back-end for RTags

elpa-jabber/stable 0.8.92+git98dc8e-6 all
Jabber client for Emacsen

elpa-jedi/stable 0.2.8-1 all
Python auto-completion for Emacs

elpa-jedi-core/stable 0.2.8-1 all
common code of jedi.el and company-jedi.el

elpa-jinja2-mode/stable 0.2+git20200624.159558e-1 all
Emacs major mode for editing jinja2 code

elpa-js2-mode/stable 0~20201220-1 all
Emacs mode for editing Javascript programs

elpa-key-chord/stable 0.6-5 all
map pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commands

elpa-kv/stable 0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-4 all
key/value data structure functions for Emacs Lisp

elpa-lbdb/stable 0.49 all
Little Brother’s DataBase Emacs extensions

elpa-ledger/stable 3.1.2~pre3+g5067e408-2 all
command-line double-entry accounting program (emacs interface)

elpa-let-alist/stable 1.0.6-2 all
let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names in Emacs Lisp

elpa-linum-relative/stable 0.6-2.1 all
display relative line number in Emacs

elpa-load-relative/stable 1.3.1-3 all
relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package)

elpa-loop/stable 1.3-2.1 all
friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs Lisp

elpa-lsp-haskell/stable 1.0.20201011-1 all
Haskell support for lsp-mode

elpa-lsp-mode/stable 7.0.1-2 all
Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

elpa-lsp-ui/stable 7.0.1-1 all
UI modules for lsp-mode

elpa-lua-mode/stable 20201010-1 all
Emacs major-mode for editing Lua programs

elpa-lv/stable 0.15.0-3 all
other echo area

elpa-m-buffer/stable 0.15-2.1 all
list-oriented, functional buffer manipulation

elpa-macaulay2/stable 1.17.1+ds-2 all
Software system for algebraic geometry research (Emacs package)

elpa-magit/stable 2.99.0.git0957.ge8c7bd03-1 all
Emacs interface for Git

elpa-magit-annex/stable 1.7.1+git20200427.01.ef5dce62-1 all
git-annex subcommands for magit

elpa-magit-forge/stable 0.1.0+git20200714.639ce51-3 all
Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit

elpa-magit-popup/stable 2.13.2-1 all
Use popup like Magit

elpa-magit-todos/stable 1.5.3-1 all
show source file TODOs in Magit

elpa-mailscripts/stable 0.23-1 all
Emacs functions for accessing tools in the mailscripts package

elpa-makey/stable 0.3-4 all
flexible context menu system

elpa-markdown-mode/stable 2.4-1 all
mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files in GNU Emacs

elpa-markdown-toc/stable 0.1.5-1 all
Emacs TOC (table of contents) generator for markdown files

elpa-memoize/stable 1.1-2.1 all
memoization functions

elpa-meson-mode/stable 0.3-1 all
Major mode for the Meson build system files

elpa-message-templ/stable 0.3.20161104-3 all
templates for Emacs message-mode

elpa-migemo/stable 1.9.2-3 all
Japanese incremental search with Romaji on Emacsen

elpa-minimap/stable 1.4-1 all
sidebar showing a “mini-map” of a buffer

elpa-mocker/stable 0.5.0-1 all
mocking framework for Emacs

elpa-modus-themes/stable 1.0.2-1 all
set of accessible themes conforming with WCAG AAA accessibility standard

elpa-monokai-theme/stable 3.5.3-3 all
fruity color theme for Emacs

elpa-move-text/stable 2.0.8-2.1 all
move current line or region up and down

elpa-muse/stable 3.20+dfsg-6 all
author and publish projects using Wiki-like markup

elpa-mutt-alias/stable 1.5-4 all
Emacs package to lookup and insert expanded Mutt mail aliases

elpa-muttrc-mode/stable 1.2.1-3 all
Emacs major mode for editing muttrc

elpa-neotree/stable 0.5.2-3 all
directory tree sidebar for Emacs that is like NERDTree for Vim

elpa-no-littering/stable 1.2.1-1 all
help keeping ~/.emacs.d clean

elpa-noflet/stable 0.0.15-5 all
Emacs Lisp noflet macro for dynamic, local advice

elpa-nose/stable 0.1.1-5 all
easy Python test running in Emacs

elpa-notmuch/stable 0.31.4-2 all
thread-based email index, search and tagging (emacs interface)

elpa-nov/stable 0.3.0-1 all
featureful EPUB (ebook) reader mode for Emacs

elpa-olivetti/stable 1.11.3-1 all
Emacs minor mode to more comfortably read and write long-lined prose

elpa-openwith/stable 0.8g-5 all
seamlessly open files in external programs with Emacs

elpa-org/stable 9.4.0+dfsg-1 all
Keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs

elpa-org-bullets/stable 0.2.4-3.1 all
show bullets in Org-mode as UTF-8 characters

elpa-org-drill/stable 2.7.0+20200412+dfsg1-2 all
emacs org-mode contrib for self-testing using spaced repetition

elpa-org-roam/stable 1.2.3-2 all
non-hierarchical note-taking with Emacs Org-mode

elpa-orgalist/stable 1.12-2 all
Manage Org-like lists in non-Org Emacs buffers

elpa-ox-texinfo+/stable 2.2.4-2 all
Extensions for Org’s Texinfo exporter

elpa-package-lint/stable 0.13-1 all
linting library for Elisp package authors

elpa-package-lint-flymake/stable 0.13-1 all
package-lint Flymake backend

elpa-paredit/stable 24-5 all
Emacs minor mode for structurally editing Lisp code

elpa-paredit-everywhere/stable 0.4-4 all
cut-down version of paredit for non-lisp buffers

elpa-parent-mode/stable 2.3-5 all
get major mode’s parent modes

elpa-parsebib/stable 2.3.1-4 all
Emacs Lisp library for parsing .bib files

elpa-pcre2el/stable 1.8-4 all
Emacs mode to convert between PCRE, Emacs and rx regexp syntax

elpa-pdf-tools/stable 1.0~20200512-2 all
Display and interact with pdf in Emacs

elpa-pdf-tools-server/stable 1.0~20200512-2 amd64
server for Emacs’s pdf-tools

elpa-persist/stable 0.4+dfsg-2 all
persist variables between Emacs Sessions

elpa-perspective/stable 2.2-3 all
tagged workspaces in Emacs

elpa-pg/stable 0.13+git.20130731.456516ec-2 all
Emacs Lisp interface for PostgreSQL

elpa-php-mode/stable 1.23.0-1 all
PHP Mode for GNU Emacs

elpa-pip-requirements/stable 0.5-3 all
major mode for editing pip requirements files

elpa-pkg-info/stable 0.6-6 all
provide information about Emacs packages

elpa-pod-mode/stable 1.03-3 all
Emacs major mode for editing .pod files

elpa-pointback/stable 0.2-4 all
restore window points when returning to buffers

elpa-popup/stable 0.5.8-1 all
visual popup user interface library for Emacs

elpa-pos-tip/stable 0.4.6+git20191227-2 all
Show tooltip at point

elpa-powerline/stable 2.4-4 all
Emacs version of the Vim powerline

elpa-project/stable 0.5.2-2 all
Emacs library for operations on the current project

elpa-projectile/stable 2.1.0-1 all
project interaction library for Emacs

elpa-protobuf-mode/stable 3.12.4-1 all
Emacs addon for editing protocol buffers

elpa-ps-ccrypt/stable 1.11-2 all
Emacs addon for working with files encrypted with ccrypt

elpa-puppet-mode/stable 0.4-2 all
Emacs major mode for Puppet manifests

elpa-py-autopep8/stable 2016.1-3 all
use autopep8 to beautify a Python buffer

elpa-py-isort/stable 2016.1-5 all
use isort to sort the imports in a Python buffer

elpa-python-environment/stable 0.0.2-6 all
virtualenv API for Emacs Lisp

elpa-pyvenv/stable 1.21+git20201124.37e7cb1-1 all
Python virtual environment interface

elpa-qml-mode/stable 0.4-4 all
Emacs major mode for editing QT Declarative (QML) code

elpa-queue/stable 0.2-3 all
queue data structure for Emacs Lisp

elpa-racket-mode/stable 20201227git0-3 all
emacs support for editing and running racket code

elpa-rainbow-delimiters/stable 2.1.3-5 all
Emacs mode to colour-code delimiters according to their depth

elpa-rainbow-identifiers/stable 0.2.2-5 all
highlight identifiers according to their names

elpa-rainbow-mode/stable 1.0.5-1 all
colorize color names in buffers

elpa-recursive-narrow/stable 20140811.1546+git20190306.5e3e206-1 all
narrow-to-region that operates recursively

elpa-redtick/stable 00.01.02+git20170220.e6d2e9b+dfsg-4 all
tiny pomodoro timer for Emacs

elpa-relint/stable 1.19-1 all
Emacs Lisp regexp mistake finder

elpa-restart-emacs/stable 0.1.1-4 all
restart emacs from within emacs

elpa-rich-minority/stable 1.0.3-2 all
clean-up and beautify the list of minor-modes in Emacs’ mode-line

elpa-rtags/stable 2.38-3 all
emacs front-end for RTags

elpa-rust-mode/stable 0.4.0-2 all
Major Emacs mode for editing Rust source code

elpa-s/stable 1.12.0-4 all
string manipulation library for Emacs

elpa-scala-mode/stable 1:1.1.0-2 all
Emacs major mode for editing scala source code

elpa-seq/stable 2.22-1 all
sequence manipulation functions for Emacs Lisp

elpa-sesman/stable 0.3.4-2 all
session manager for Emacs IDEs

elpa-session/stable 2.4b-3 all
use variables, registers and buffer places across sessions

elpa-shut-up/stable 0.3.3-1 all
Emacs Lisp macros to quieten Emacs

elpa-simple-httpd/stable 1.5.1-4 all
pure elisp HTTP server

elpa-smart-mode-line/stable 2.13-2 all
powerful and beautiful mode-line for Emacs

elpa-smart-mode-line-powerline-theme/stable 2.13-2 all
Smart Mode Line themes that use Emacs Powerline

elpa-smeargle/stable 0.03-5 all
highlight region by last updated time

elpa-smex/stable 3.0-6 all
M-x interface for Emacs with Ido-style fuzzy matching

elpa-sml-mode/stable 6.10-1 all
Emacs major mode for editing Standard ML programs

elpa-solarized-theme/stable 1.3.1-1 all
port of Solarized theme to Emacs

elpa-spinner/stable 1.7.3-3 all
spinner for the Emacs modeline for operations in progress

elpa-suggest/stable 0.7-3 all
discover Emacs Lisp functions based on examples

elpa-super-save/stable 0.3.0-3 all
auto-save buffers, based on your activity

elpa-swiper/stable 0.13.0-1 all
alternative to Emacs’ isearch, with an overview

elpa-sxiv/stable 0.3.3-1 all
run the sxiv image viewer

elpa-system-packages/stable 1.0.11-2 all
functions to manage system packages

elpa-systemd/stable 1.6-2.1 all
major mode for editing systemd units

elpa-tabbar/stable 2.2-4 all
Emacs minor mode that displays a tab bar at the top

elpa-tablist/stable 1.0-2 all
tablist adds maks and filters to tabulated-list-mode

elpa-transient/stable all
Emacs key and popup interface for complex keybindings

elpa-transient-doc/stable all
Emacs key and popup interface for complex keybindings

elpa-transmission/stable 0.12.2-1 all
Emacs interface to a Transmission session

elpa-treepy/stable 0.1.2-1 all
Generic tree traversal tools

elpa-tuareg/stable 1:2.2.0-1 all
emacs-mode for OCaml programs

elpa-undercover/stable 0.8.0-1 all
test coverage library for Emacs Lisp

elpa-undo-tree/stable 0.7.4-1 all
Emacs minor mode for handling undo history as tree

elpa-use-package/stable 2.4.1-1 all
configuration macro for simplifying your .emacs

elpa-use-package-chords/stable 2.4.1-1 all
key-chord keyword for use-package

elpa-use-package-ensure-system-package/stable 2.4.1-1 all
autoinstall system packages

elpa-uuid/stable 0.0.3~git20120910.1519bfe-3 all
UUID/GUID library for Emacs Lisp

elpa-vala-mode/stable 0.1-8 all
Emacs editor major mode for vala source code

elpa-vc-fossil/stable 2020.09.20-4 all
Emacs VC backend for the Fossil Version Control system

elpa-verbiste/stable 0.1.47-1 all
French and Italian conjugator - emacs extension

elpa-vimish-fold/stable 0.2.3-5 all
fold text in GNU Emacs like in Vim

elpa-virtualenvwrapper/stable 0.2.0-2 all
featureful virtualenv tool for Emacs

elpa-visual-fill-column/stable 2.3-1 all
Emacs mode that wraps visual-line-mode buffers at fill-column

elpa-visual-regexp/stable 1.1.2-2 all
in-buffer visual feedback while using Emacs regexps

elpa-volume/stable 1.0+git.20201002.afb75a5-3 all
tweak your sound card volume from Emacs

elpa-wc-mode/stable 1.4-1 all
display a word count in the Emacs modeline

elpa-web-mode/stable 17.0.2-1 all
major emacs mode for editing web templates

elpa-websocket/stable 1.13-1 all
Emacs WebSocket client and server

elpa-weechat/stable 0.5.0-5 all
Chat via WeeChat’s relay protocol in Emacs.

elpa-wgrep/stable 2.3.2+9.gf0ef9bf-2 all
edit multiple Emacs buffers using a master grep pattern buffer

elpa-wgrep-ack/stable 2.3.2+9.gf0ef9bf-2 all
edit multiple Emacs buffers using a master ack pattern buffer

elpa-wgrep-ag/stable 2.3.2+9.gf0ef9bf-2 all
edit multiple Emacs buffers using a master ag pattern buffer

elpa-wgrep-helm/stable 2.3.2+9.gf0ef9bf-2 all
edit multiple Emacs buffers with a helm-grep-mode buffer

elpa-which-key/stable 3.5.1-1 all
display available keybindings in popup

elpa-with-editor/stable 3.0.2-1 all
call program using Emacs as $EDITOR

elpa-with-simulated-input/stable 2.4+git20200216.29173588-1 all
macro to simulate user input non-interactively

elpa-world-time-mode/stable 0.0.6-4 all
Emacs mode to compare timezones throughout the day

elpa-writegood-mode/stable 2.0.3-3 all
Emacs minor mode that provides hints for common English writing problems

elpa-ws-butler/stable 0.6-4 all
unobtrusively remove trailing whitespace in Emacs

elpa-xcite/stable 1.60-7 all
exciting cite utility for Emacsen

elpa-xcscope/stable 1.5-1.1 all
Interactively examine a C program source in emacs

elpa-xml-rpc/stable 1.6.12-4 all
Emacs Lisp XML-RPC client

elpa-xr/stable 1.21-1 all
convert string regexp to rx notation

elpa-xref/stable 1.0.2-2 all
Library for cross-referencing commands in Emacs

elpa-yaml-mode/stable 0.0.15-1 all
Emacs major mode for YAML files

elpa-yasnippet/stable 0.14.0+git20200603.5cbdbf0d-1 all
template system for Emacs

elpa-yasnippet-snippets/stable 0.23-1 all
Andrea Crotti’s official YASnippet snippets

elpa-zenburn-theme/stable 2.6-3 all
low contrast color theme for Emacs

elpa-ztree/stable 1.0.5-4 all
text mode directory tree

elpa-zzz-to-char/stable 0.1.3-3 all
fancy version of `zap-to-char’ command

emacs-goodies-el/stable 42.3 all
Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs

emacs-jabber/stable 0.8.92+git98dc8e-6 all
Transition package, emacs-jabber to elpa-jabber

ess/stable 18.10.2-2 all
Transition Package, ess to elpa-ess

expand-region-el/stable 0.11.0+36-1 all
Transition package, expand-region-el to elpa-expand-region

fortran-language-server/stable 1.12.0-1 all
Fortran Language Server for the Language Server Protocol

geiser/stable 0.10-1 all
Transition Package, geiser to elpa-geiser

gnuplot-mode/stable 1:0.7.0-2014-12-31-2 all
Transition Package, gnuplot-mode to elpa-gnuplot-mode

golang-mode/stable 3:1.5.0-4 all
Emacs mode for editing Go code – transitional package

libelpa-dev/stable 2019.11.001-4 amd64
Eigenvalue SoLvers for Petaflop-Applications (Development version)

libelpa15/stable 2019.11.001-4 amd64
Eigenvalue SoLvers for Petaflop-Applications

migemo-el/stable 1:1.2+gh0.20150404-7.1 all
transitional dummy package: elpa-migemo

ocaml-mode/stable 4.06-2 all
transitional package to elpa-caml

org-mode/stable 9.4.0+dfsg-1 all
Transition Package, org-mode to elpa-org

s-el/stable 1.12.0-4 all
transitional dummy package, s-el to elpa-s

scala-mode-el/stable 1:1.1.0-2 all
transitional dummy package, scala-mode-el to elpa-scala-mode

silversearcher-ag-el/stable 0.48-1 all
transitional dummy package, silversearcher-ag-el to elpa-ag

sml-mode/stable 6.10-1 all
Transition package, sml-mode to elpa-sml-mode

tuareg-mode/stable 1:2.2.0-1 all
transitional package, tuareg-mode to elpa-tuareg

vala-mode-el/stable 0.1-8 all
Transition Package, vala-mode-el to elpa-vala-mode

verbiste-el/stable 0.1.47-1 all
transitional package, verbiste-el to elpa-verbiste

xcite/stable 1.60-7 all
Transition Package, xcite to elpa-xcite

xcscope-el/stable 1.5-1.1 all
Transition Package, xcscope-el to elpa-xcscope

yasnippet/stable 0.14.0+git20200603.5cbdbf0d-1 all
transition Package, yasnippet to elpa-yasnippet

youtube-dl/stable 2021.06.06-1 all
downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites

yt-dlp/bullseye-backports 2022.11.11-1~bpo11+1 all
downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites

Quite interesting indeed!
But I don’t think that’s the standard way of installing packages in emacs. At least, I’ve never seen it done through the apt package manager.