Installing Eleventy Locally In AppVM So It Persists (Global Is Not Recommended)

I’m trying to install Eleventy 11ty static site generator in an AppVM. It requires Node.js and npm, so I installed them in the template VM.

The problem: When I install Eleventy in the AppVM, it does not persist. I would install it to the template as well (globally), but the Eleventy documentation states:

It is not recommended to install Eleventy globally (though it does work fine).

It is preferred to use package.json installation (Getting Started — Eleventy) instead. package.json installation will avoid versioning issues if you come back to this project later or decide to use Eleventy on multiple projects that may need different versions.


If you’re planning on deploying your site using a service like Netlify (running a build a deployment server), you must use package.json installation and not global installation.

I plan on using Netlify. What’s the best way to do this so I don’t have to reinstall Eleventy in all the project directories of the multiple websites I am creating in my app VM every time I re-open it?

Thx in advance!

I guess you can install nvm and install node/npm with it in the home directory so it is persistent on the private volume. I did a quick test and nothing was removed after a restart.