Installer issue with getting installation source

I’ve been having some issues with my qubes install and have been messing around with the installation settings every time I go ahead and reinstall in hopes of it fixing the issue.

If you go to select your disk and chose the custom option for partitioning the installation source setting will no longer give you the ability to chose an iso file to install from, however. If you chose automatic partitioning, go to the installation source, and then select the specifc iso file from your drive, and then go back and select custom partitioning the iso option is still selected, is this a bug or am i just a bit dumb?

Also for context I am installing qubes from a usb thats using ventoy.

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Welcome to the Qubes community!

I was also unable to get 4.2.0 to work with Ventoy. I would advise trying a non-Ventoy USB for now.

I created Qubes issue #8846. It would be very helpful if you could go there and explain the issues you were having as clearly as possible.